Tuesday, September 4, 2007

How to Publish your Blog

In this site I'm helping people advertise their blogs for free. Just send me the link through a comment and I will publish it right away. This blog it's about anything so people looking for all kinds of stuff end up reading my articles.

Remember to publish my blog on your site and let's make a link directory between hundreds of web pages.


c-e-s-a-r AKA DonPrazza said...

C-ómo E-scribir S-oquetadas A-bsolutamente R-idículas

(how to write absolutely riduculous shannanigans)

Todo un Wannabe... Palabras Relacionadas (related words): creatividad, curiosidad, inapropiado, música, surf, publicidad, playa, buen futbol, diseño, comida, reggae, amor y libertad, capoeira, buen sexo, caracas FC, chistes internos, jamming, ellas, viajes, tío bob,joda, humor negro, copy, bolsa, strogonoff con pure de papas, idealismo, fogata y carpas, salido, nietzche, emoción, silvio, logos avisos y comerciales, tragos, mun geek, risa, cruisin', toques en vivo, mind games, libre pensamiento... sigue...

iLi said...


iLi's Blog

is in spanish and it is about girl's life experiences.. some poetry.. some silly things.. a war against staying shut up..

Tharian said...

My blog is http://celebritypornmovies.blogspot.com. It contains pics of famous hollywood celebrities.